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Nestled in the heart of Orange County, NY, Flexibility in Flight stands as the premier pole and aerial studio, where fitness meets artistry. The studio offers a welcoming space for enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to seasoned aerialists.

Flexibility in Flight takes pride in its diverse range of classes, including pole dance, aerial silks, lyra and bellydance, providing a comprehensive approach to aerial fitness.

“All of our classes are capped at smaller sizes, so each student feels included and has a successful learning experience in each class. 

Terra Meierdierck, Studio Owner

Our Classes

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Aerial Yoga

Students will use the aerial hammock silk to stretch, strengthen, and tone. Intimidated by inversions? This class is for you with its yoga-inspired focus on arms, legs, and core.

Open Level Aerial Fabric

Aerial Fabric is also called “Split Silks”.  This is an aerial fabric class for all levels! Condition your body; learn how to climb; improve your aerial skills. This class is open to students of all skill levels.

Pole Level One

We are here to help you create a solid base for a successful pole practice. You will learn to slide, glide and twirl around the pole. Some skills you will learn include Jasmine, climb and basic inverts.

Why Choose Us

Customized Instruction For Every Student

Expert instructors guide students through dynamic routines, fostering strength, flexibility, and self-expression in a supportive and empowering environment.  Whether one seeks a unique workout experience or dreams of mastering gravity-defying moves, Flexibility in Flight sets the stage for a journey into the captivating world of pole and aerial arts in Orange County.


Kids Aerial Hammock


The Best of Aerial Circus Arts, Bellydance and Pole Fitness


Rebuild your body’s energy through physical fitness and have fun in our supportive environment.

Strength Building

Body weight workouts are an incredible way to build strength and endurance. 

Stress Relief

Build healthy endorphins while participating in aerial circus, pole fitness and bellydance classes. 

Brittany Fabric

Relax & Refresh

Try a breathwork class and recharge your body’s energy.

Beauty of Body

Feel empowered and increase your sense of self. 

Mind & Soul

An amazing way to explore your creative side and have fun. 

Expert Intsructors

Meet Our Team

Terra Meierdierck

Terra Meierdierck


When Terra isn’t at the studio she is a mother, wife, writer, educator and mountain biker. Terra has traveled the world for leisure, education and her yoga practice. She is owner and operator of Flexibility in Flight.

Luisa Fuentes

Luisa Fuentes

Bellydance Instructor

Luisa Fuentes, aka Alimaah, studied the art of belly dance since 2004.  She began her journey with the incredible and world-famous Aszmara – known for folkloric & Turkish interpretations, laid foundations of shimmies and undulations.

Jamie Van Tassell

Jamie Van Tassell

Pole Fitness Instructor

Pole has inspired me in many different ways, most importantly to believe in myself and to always challenge myself.  Join me on this journey to being your best, confident, and healthy self!


What People Are Saying

I held my daughter’s birthday party at the newly renovated Main Street studio. The instructors were great hosts and very helpful. Everyone had success on some level and had a good time “flying. If you’re looking for a new way to celebrate, check out an aeriel yoga party.


Oh my goodness. I literally just attended my first Lyra hoop class tonight and I’m already in love. Gwen, my instructor, is a hoop GODDESS! In addition to her absolutely mesmerizing moves, she’s an incredible teacher. She was able to challenge the more advanced students, who have been attending for months, while at the same time, giving me the attention I needed to feel competent and comfortable. Such an amazing experience… I will be a Flexibility in Flight student for life! 💕


I absolutely love coming here for aerial! Wonderful instructors and friendly vibe.


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Frequently Asked Questions

BEFORE YOU BEGIN your aerial, pole, circus arts or bellydance journey, we have some things you should know. This page will help you find the answers to your questions. WHAT TO WEAR Aerial Silks, Fabric and Lyra Aerial HoopWear close fitting clothes that allow you to...

Become an aerial instructor!

Become an Aerial Teacher with Flexibility in Flight Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Program. Earn continuing education credits for the National Yoga Alliance as a RYT. The 2023 Aerial Teacher Training Program is a 50 hour training program. This course is a month long...

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Combining the grace and beauty of circus arts with the mindfulness and tranquility of yoga, Flexibility in Flight offers a unique and dynamic approach to aerial fitness. With a heavy circus influence in our aerial style, we provide a wide range of classes that cater...

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