Elevate your fitness routine with our Monthly Membership Specials at Flexibility in Flight. For $300, indulge in Unlimited Classes, granting you access to a dynamic mix of aerial silks, aerial hoop, pole, and bellydance sessions throughout the month. Opt for the $168 package and enjoy 20 classes every month, providing flexibility in your schedule and a variety of options to explore. If you prefer a more focused approach, our $147 monthly membership includes 12 classes per month, ensuring a balanced and tailored fitness experience. For our young enthusiasts, K-12 students can benefit from a special rate of $105 per month, with access to 8 classes limited to kids' sessions. Nurture a love for fitness and fun in a safe and supportive environment. Please note that our Monthly Memberships are exclusively for classes, non-transferable, and do not include workshops. Join Flexibility in Flight and make fitness a captivating and integral part of your routine.
Embark on your fitness journey with Flexibility in Flight's flexible pricing options. Enjoy a single session for $24, perfect for those looking to dip their toes into the world of pole and aerial activities. For a more committed approach, our 5-session package is available for $95, providing a cost-effective way to deepen your skills and experience the thrill of our studio. Dive even further with our 10-session package at $178, offering extended opportunities to refine your technique and build strength through pole dancing or aerial classes. Newcomers can take advantage of our special introductory rates – $76 for 5 aerial classes. This provides an affordable entry point for those eager to explore the artistry and fitness benefits of aerial activities. Flexibility in Flight invites you to soar to new heights, offering a range of options to suit every schedule and level of commitment.
Discover the thrill of bellydance with our accessible pricing options at Flexibility in Flight. A single session is just $17, providing a convenient entry point for those eager to experience our studio. For a more immersive journey, our 6-session package is available at $80, offering flexibility and savings for those looking to deepen their skills and enjoy multiple classes. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, these cost-effective options make it easy to incorporate bellydance into your fitness routine. At Flexibility in Flight, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore the world of dance, and our pricing reflects our commitment to making these exciting activities accessible to all. Join us for a single session or dive into a series of classes – the choice is yours at Flexibility in Flight.
Experience the excitement of group sessions at Flexibility in Flight with our competitive pricing of $100 per hour. Whether you're planning a group fitness class, team-building activity, or a fun outing with friends, our flexible rates cater to your specific needs. Group rates are customized based on the size of your group and the duration of your session, ensuring that you receive the best value for your unique event. Our experienced instructors are ready to guide your group through an exhilarating experience, whether it's pole dancing, aerial activities, or a combination of both. Make your group event unforgettable at Flexibility in Flight, where we tailor our offerings to create a dynamic and engaging experience for every participant.
Host your special event at Flexibility in Flight with our 2-hour package priced at $250. This includes a dedicated hour of expert instruction and an additional hour for refreshments, arrival/set-up, and gift opening, catering to up to 10 students. For larger gatherings, an extra $25 per additional student ensures that we maintain a high standard of safety by adding more staff to accommodate the increased participant count. Choose our extended 3-hour package for $375, allowing for an even more comprehensive celebration with additional time for activities, mingling, and enjoyment. Flexibility in Flight is committed to providing a memorable and secure experience for all participants, ensuring that your event is not only enjoyable but also conducted with the utmost care. Elevate your celebration with us, where safety, fun, and flexibility come together for an unforgettable experience.