What to Wear
The proper attire can make your experience so much better.  Please wear close fitting clothes that move.  A skinny leg exercise pant, or capri length that covers the back of the knee is best.  No raised decorations on clothing such as buttons, zippers, drawstrings.   The material that works best is a spandex blend, a polyester, lycra, nylon blend will slide nicely in the silks or move smoothly on the Lyra.  A close fitting tank or top that covers the abdominal area is best.  Long hair should be pulled back.

What NOT to Wear
No Jewelry (this includes rings, necklaces or earrings) or hair clips with metal that can get caught. Make sure body piercings are covered. Leave valuables at home.  Shorter manicured nails and toes are best.  Long nails do rip our silks and make holding on difficult. We like to keep you and our silks safe during class. Please arrive reasonably clean and free of heavy perfumes, colognes, and strong body odors.  Please respect the other students in class.

Class Rules
Respect the teacher and students around you.
Do not attempt anything challenging without a spotter.
Be aware of your body getting tired.
Do NOT rush or make guesses.  …Be patient.
Balance is just as important as strength as is trust in the silk and in the teacher.
In order for us to help you, we may have to touch you.
Ask questions, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.!
What Class is Best for Me to Start With?
If you are interested in trying a silks class, we recommend that you start with a hammock class, unless aerial fabric is your primary area of interest.  Aerial fabric can sometimes be challenging for students.  We are here to assist and help you along your journey, and do not want you to get frustrated along the way.  Please try a beginner class as your first class.  If one does not fit your schedule, please let us know and register for an open level class – so we can accommodate you.
Do I have to Pre-Register for Class?
WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND you pre-register for a class.  Registrations help us to prepare for you and get class started on time.  We know based off registration what hardware to hang; how to hang it; and what lessons to prepare to teach.  Please pre-register so we can provide a smooth class experience for you, and to ensure you have space in a class.