Become an Aerial Teacher with Flexibility in Flight Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Program. Earn continuing education credits for the National Yoga Alliance as a RYT. The 2023 Aerial Teacher Training Program is a 50 hour training program.

This course is a month long journey and will cover all aspects of aerial yoga training. The students will learn proper tying of silks, rigging, the different types of silks, aerial yoga poses and different styles of aerial. Students will deepen their understanding of aerial yoga on a personal level, which can be applied to practice, if they wish to become an instructor.

This course qualifies for 21 National Yoga Alliance contact training hours and 9 non-contact hours.

After the completion of the two day in person intensive on 3/29/24 and 3/30/24, students will be required to do practicum hours and a written exam. The students will have a months to complete the additional coursework.

Recommended readings are:

Introduction to Rigging: Aerialists Essentials by Steven Santos

The Aerial Sling Manual Volume 1 by Rebekah Leach

This training program is a $1,250 investment. The cost includes all training materials, reading, a one month membership, additional practicum teaching classes – post the 2 day intensive.

Registration is available through the MINDBODY App or visiting our events page: